Rahere Lodge was established “for the convenience of the staff and students at the Hospital of Saint Bartholomew, London” and was consecrated in the Great Hall of the Hospital on 29th June 1895. The Lodge derives its name from Prior Rahere who founded in AD 1123 the Hospital as well as the nearby Priory Church of St Bartholomew.


Originally a hospital medical lodge, the majority of Rahere members have some connection to healthcare but there is no prerequisite for membership. We work the Emulation Ritual and the standard is high. Our membership is varied and international. We have a number of senior Masons amongst our number, but also a good proportion of younger Brethren, not least because the Lodge was an early adopter of the Universities Scheme. This makes for a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.


We are pleased to be contacted by those of all religions and ethnic backgrounds who believe in a single supreme being and may be interested in becoming a Freemason, particularly those connected with Barts & the London School of Medicine and Dentistry and Queen Mary University of London.


The Lodge has a Holy Royal Arch Chapter and is associated with a Lodge for Mark Master Masons, Abernethy Lodge no 569. We were founder members of Metropolitan Grand Lodge and AMULL, the Association of Medical, University & Legal Lodges.


Visitors and prospective members can be assured of a warm welcome at meetings of our well-established and flourishing Lodge in historic and beautiful surroundings.





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